All youth deserve the right to be safe and comfortable so they can be academically successful. Creating safe, welcoming schools is integral to Inside/Out Youth Services’ goals and we partner with faculty, administrators, nurses, counselors and other school staff to make this possible.

Whether or not you know their identity, you can be certain that you are teaching LGBTIQ students in our classroom. Even small steps toward visible support can go a long way in modeling respect and in helping a student know they are not alone.

Below are 5 simple ways to make your school more LGBTIQ friendly. For more information, check out our trainings, coming out resources, and LGBTIQ terms and definitions list.

5 Ways to Make Your School More LGBTIQ Friendly

  1. Include course materials written/produced by or about LGBTIQ people, and recognize that they are LGBTIQ. You can also recognize LGBTIQ holidays like LGBT History Month, Transgender Day of Remembrance, National Coming Out Day, etc.
  2. Confront homophobic remarks including slurs you overhear in the hallway. Let students know that using terms like “fag” or “that’s so gay” is unacceptable because it is insulting language with dangerous consequences, and you won’t accept it.
  3. Organize or encourage district administrators to arrange an in-service with qualified youth advocates from Inside/Out.
  4. Participate in the Day of Silence
  5. Support or start a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)