Inside/Out Youth Services is dedicated to supporting efforts of youth to be themselves in healthy, safe spaces and to creating a welcoming community. As a parent or guardian, you might have some questions about Inside/Out Youth Services and what your youth is going through. We hope that you can find answers here, but encourage you to contact us by emailing or 719-328-1056 if there is anything you would like to ask or discuss. Please note that our services are confidential. While we cannot answer specific information about any particular youth with regard to their involvement in our programs, we welcome calls from parents who would like more information about our programs.

What does Inside/Out do for my LGBTIQ youth?

Inside our facility, we provide a safe environment for LGBTIQ youth to develop into happy, healthy adults. We do this through directed education programming, support and discussion groups, recreational time, and community referrals. Our groups are facilitated by highly qualified volunteers who undergo required training and background check. Check out our calendar for more information about specific programs.

How can I support my LGBTIQ youth?

The best thing anyone can do for someone who is coming out is to listen with an open heart and open mind. Your LGBTIQ child is unique, and so are you. Your process of finding ways to support and understand a child may vary. Please know that you are not alone – and that you have the power to be the biggest difference in your child’s life. To start familiarizing yourself with some of the words you might here your youth or people at Inside/Out Youth Services use, click here.

Everyone needs their own support in order to help others. Inside/Out recommends contacting PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Our Colorado Springs-area chapter of this international organization is a wonderful group! Check out Here is a great place to get you started with Download PFLAG Publications.

How can I be involved at Inside/Out?

We encourage family involvement in Inside/Out. Because our programs are confidential, we don’t allow family members to facilitate groups that their youth are attending, but there are other ways to volunteer your energy as an ally.

To find more information about volunteering, click here

What is the coming out process like?

All youth follow their own path of self-discovery, so coming out is different for everyone. Some youth have a difficult process, and others do not struggle at all. To form a positive identity, youth need to feel supported, accepted and empowered.

The following development models can help give you an idea of what a coming out process looks like for many youth.

Coming Out Resource

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