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Jessie Pocock

Executive Director – she/her

[email protected]

Jessie has held various roles in the nonprofit sector. Most recently, she was the Executive Director of the LEAD Foundation empowering students who struggle with learning disabilities and attention issues. She worked at UCCS as the Development and Events Director for the Galleries of Contemporary Art and was a Campaign Officer for Pikes Peak United Way.

Jessie comes to us as someone who is committed to a variety of pro-equality initiatives and campaigns. She spearheaded One Colorado’s Southern Colorado grassroots efforts to advance statewide pro-LGBTIQ and equity legislation as well as support pro-LGBTIQ candidates. in 2016, she was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to uphold our state’s anti-discrimination laws and protect individuals’ civil rights in housing, public accommodations, and employment.

Jessie attended Colorado College where she earned her Bachelor Degree in Sociology and continued on to UCCS School of Public Affairs where she earned a Master of Public Administration degree.

Candace Woods

Youth Program Manager – she/her

[email protected]

Candace Woods has been living and working in Colorado Springs for 15 years and loves calling this city home. She graduated this spring with a Master in Divinity from Iliff School of Theology focused on Social Justice & Ethics and was previously the youth director at a local progressive church and a Chaplains’ Fellow at Colorado College. Candace is a trained comprehensive sexuality educator and testified at the Colorado State Legislature on behalf of the recent comprehensive sexuality education bill (that passed!). She has been a supporter of Inside Out for many years and is excited to continue serving the needs of queer and allied youth and young adults in the city. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and hammocking and reading dystopian novels.

Tyescha Clark

Outreach Educator – she/her

[email protected]

Tyescha Clark is a community influencer who strives toward justice, in order to empower people that have been historically disenfranchised by the current structures in society.  She has over 15 years of experience in local communities with youth and young adults. Originally from New York City, Tyescha has worked in Harlem and the South Bronx  on campaigns with local youth focusing on Education Reform ( School to Prison Pipeline and Social Justice GED), Environmental Justice ( water quality and food access) and Immigration (the original Dream Act). 

During this time, she decided to become a formal teacher in social studies with a huge belief that “a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” (Marcus Garvey). In addition that an educated public can make better decisions for the future.  Graduating in 2013 from Fordham University with a dual Masters in Education ( Social Studies 7-12 and Special Education K-12) she proceed to build groups in High Schools to empower young people.  Her last position as a formal teacher was at Liberty High School (D20) where she instructed Social Studies and Psychology and sponsored Friends of Rachael and The PEACE Club ( People Everywhere Are Created Equal).  

She is a proud parent, partner and friend.  

Tyescha Clark has worked with NAACP, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, The Black Women’s Alliance,  and multiple organizations in New York combating homelessness. Currently she is a board member for Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, member of the NAACP and associated with many community and arts groups here in Colorado Springs.

Alexander Wamboldt

School Coordinator – he/him

[email protected]

Alexander joined Inside/Out Youth Services in 2019, and is excited to return to and serve his home state of Colorado as the [email protected] Program Coordinator. Alexander has extensive professional expertise in sexual violence prevention and sexual health, intersectional and inclusive education, as well as religious pluralism. Most recently, he comes from the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation at Columbia University, where he helped to conduct one of the most thorough research projects to examine college sexual violence ever. He has published work on students’ experiences of sexual consent, decisions to report sexual violence, alcohol and drug use, and mental health, as well as on the efficacy of bystander interventions in preventing sexual assaults. He previously has conducted research in Israel and Egypt on LGBTQ families, religious freedom, and sexual violence.

Alexander is a graduate of Brown University, and completed his MA and PhD in cultural anthropology at Princeton University, where he also served on the board of the graduate LGBTQ caucus. In his free time, Alexander enjoys biking, video games, knitting, and participating in Jewish community life.

Joseph Shelton

Program Assistant – he/him

[email protected]

Joseph was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In May 2015 Joseph graduated from William J. Palmer High School. Joseph joined Inside/Out Youth Services in July of 2018 as a Youth Volunteer doing behind the scenes work. Joseph’s primary background is in Politics, Law Enforcement, Young Person education and much more. Joseph is currently attending Pikes Peak Community College to achieve an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice.


Joseph has lived his complete life in Colorado Spring and is the youngest of 3 in his family. Joseph takes his free time to be in the Community. He loves hiking, biking, volunteering and getting to know others and working with others. Joseph currently has over 3500 hours of volunteer services in Colorado and now works to spread the support and work of Inside Out Youth Services.

Joseph is currently a Quitting Queen Coach for Inside Out. If you are interested in gaining support in the quitting process of smoking tobacco, use of drugs and/or alcohol, you may contact him. Joseph is here to guide and support you through the process and give you the needed guidance. You can contact him at [email protected] or by calling our office at (719)328-1056.


Peer Program Assistant – They/Them

[email protected]

Marve was born and raised in San Diego, California. The graduate from High Tech High North County with honors and started attending Colorado College in the fall of 2017. They are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics and Social Justice. Marve got involved with Inside Out Youth Services after working with middle school and high school students in District 11. While working with the students it became obvious to them that there was a need for youth to access safe spaces outside of school.


In their free time Marve enjoys writing about the importance of representation in all forms of media. They love watching home redecoration shows.   


Peer Program Assistant – He/Him

[email protected]

Skylar was born in Colton, California, and has been living in Colorado Springs since 2008. Skylar is a youth leader who has involved himself with Inside Out Youth Services since late 2017. Originally a youth coming from a rough home life, he felt comfort and motivation from being surrounded by youth who had struggled the same as him. Using this inspiration, he stepped forward to become a voice for the youth, becoming both a friend and mentor to those around him. He has used his skills to not only help this space, but at Community Prep School as a part-time tutor for art as well. This space is the home where he created his own family, and is working hard to keep it growing and open to everyone.

Skylar is often described as quirky and humorous, being highly interested in things like bugs, especially spiders, and mythology/fantasy. He draws and tutors cartooning when he’s not hard at work here at the space. This outgoing, caring, and engaging personality is what makes Skylar so important and close to our youth. 

Tracey Porter

Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator – She/Her

[email protected]

Tracey started her journey with Inside Out in 2008. She is part of this organization because she is a lesbian and she believes that we all  need a safe place. Her mother doesn’t fully accept her due to her mothers fundamentalist beliefs and she knows that she is not the only person experiencing rejection therefore a safe place is needed. She was raised in a home where even though they did not talk about “it”, she fully knew she should not talk about “it”. Inside Out is a place that is talking about it and she wants to be a part of normalizing talking about it. 

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