September 6, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Inside Out Youth Services
223 N Wahsatch Ave #101
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Sources of Strength: Suicide Prevention Strategic Planning Meeting
Location: IOYS
Date: Thursday, September 6th
Time: 10am-2pm (Lunch will be provided).
Contact: Priscilla at [email protected] for more info

With the help of Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention we are launching Sources of Strength and we need YOUR HELP!
In 2017, 50 percent of the youth who visited IOYS said they had either contemplated or attempted suicide. We’ve been working hard to find a way to help our youth build strength and we are proud to announce we received funding to incorporate Sources of Strength into our community center.
Sources of Strength is a strengths-based health and wellness program led by a team of adult advisors and peer leaders.
What is an Adult Advisor?
Adult Advisors are a diverse group of connected, caring, and positive adults whose goal is to support, mentor, and assist peer leaders in spreading hope, help, and strength-based messages across their friendship networks. So basically, facilitators are already adult advisors! We just want to make it official by having you join us in a strategic planning session!
What is a peer leader? 
 Peer Leaders are a diverse group of LGBTIQ youth who leverage their personal and collective leadership qualities as well as their social influence in leading the charge in norming and culture change campaigns using strength-based messages to impact multiple issues including suicide.
This planning session will bring us all together to learn how to spread a message of hope, care, and strength among our youth and give us a common language and set of tools to address suicide risks by increasing resilience and wellness among LGBTQ youth.
If you’ve been craving to create deeper relationships with our youth and increase your impact on our work, this is just the training and program to help!