Has anybody seen the most recent news about a gay boy scout Ryan Anderson being denied his biggest goal to receive his Eagle Award because he came out as gay? Well, he has been working on his project for 12 years to finish his project and waiting to get approval for receiving his Eagle Award. But he never got a call or an email about his project submission. He contacted his Scoutmaster to find out why he hasn’t gotten any approval for getting the award. His scoutmaster knew he was gay but refused to sign the paper work to make it official for him to have the highest honor as the first gay person for receiving it.

His mother became so upset and didn’t want to sit back and do nothing. She decided to create a petition on www.change.org. She wants so many people to support her to help change the scoutmaster’s mind to sign the official paperwork for him to receive the very award that he has worked 12 years for. Click here to check out the petition. Let us be his voice as a group by signing up and protest towards the anti-gay policy, not just for Ryan Anderson, for any gay people who were forced out of the boy scout themselves for being gay. You can help them change the world! Join the others to voice and support for Ryan Anderson who really worked hard and make his biggest goal come true!

Rose Mason
Deaf Intern at Inside/Out Youth Services