Hello everyone,

My name is Rose Mason, I am a new deaf intern for Inside/Out Youth Services. I am attending two different schools; Pikes Peak Community College(PPCC) and Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind(CSDB). Pikes Peak Community College, I am taking Multi Media Graphic Design. Also CSDB is a K-12 school, and they had a program called Bridge to Life (BtL). BtL is a program that I am attending everyday of the week from August to June. This program helps college students how to get a job and go to college on our own, we have to use the public bus to learn how to handle from point a to point b. I am glad that BtL helped me get a job as an intern at Inside/Out. I can speak very clearly, can hear pretty well too. I can speak in two different languages (English, American Sign Language). If you have any more questions about me or anything, just email me at [email protected].

Nice meeting y’all!

When I had read this article, my feelings to this young man who wanted to play football and kept being “gay” a secret because he wasn’t comfortable to come out just yet in that environment. But he was injured and was asked to record the game on video. His boyfriend (aged 65) came to visit and watch the game with him. Well just because this young man kissed his boyfriend and the coach pulled him to the side to ask him who that guy was, he wasn’t comfortable that moment, especially to his coach, someone who he isn’t comfortable to tell the truth to. Personally if I was him, of course I wouldn’t be comfortable at all to tell anyone about my sexual orientation at all. The Junior college had no right to discrimination towards this young man’s sexual orientation and lied on the report saying that they had to dismiss him because he lied about being “gay”. If I was in that situation, I would lie too but to keep myself safe and protect myself from bulling situation or this problem that this article have displayed. My reaction to that coach is question to that coach, “Is it because I’m gay/lesbian/bisexual that had made you uncomfortable, well look at how I had to lie to you because I was not comfortable to tell you.”

Rose Mason
Inside/Out Intern
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind