The Pikes Peak Safe @ School Coalition ([email protected]) conducted “Project Prom: 2014” surveying local high schools in our community regarding their prom policies.

The [email protected] would like to thank all the local high school who answered all our questions and who are safe and affirming. We would also like to thank all the coalition members who helped us conduct this year’s survey from e-mailing, making phone calls and making person visits to schools.


Here are some of the questions asked and key findings:
Will students be allowed to bring a date of the same gender?

Of the 16 reported local high schools 15 answered, “Yes.” One school did not have an answer to this question.

A student asked if they would be able to wear the opposite gender’s clothing. Does your school have a prom dress code and would be willing to share it with us? Could you explain if wearing opposite gender clothing would be accepted?

Of the 16 reported schools 12 answered, “Yes.” Including having transgender students attend prom before. The remaining 4 schools were unsure, and one school reported a conversation has begun, “for those kids who identify as a different gender and want to come as who they identify as.”

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