We’d like to shine our volunteer spotlight on Gina! Gina is an extremely active member of the Inside/Out family and is a familiar face to many of the youth here. Mack, one of the many people impacted by Gina’s charismatic behavior, recounts his first memory of Gina, “It was really cool, my first day was Gina’s first day too, so I feel like we’re bonded through that.” When asked about his personal experiences with Gina, Mack replied, “She’s just really cool and easy to talk to, I think that’s because we have a lot in common.” Gina is our only transgender facilitator and Mack is one of the few transgender youth we have. “The presentation she gave was really helpful too, even though I’m transitioning from F to M (Female to Male) and she’s M to F (Male to Female) I still found a lot of similarities between us and what we’re going through. When I asked Mack if there was anything else he wanted to say about Gina, he quickly replied, “She’s the best, wonderful, awesome, amazing.” Inside/Out is lucky to have so many incredible volunteers, here’s to you Gina!