James Nutter was a victim to negative anti-gay words by his teammates which he spends 24 hours with them every single day. Every day these teammates uses the F word or “that’s so Gay!” and tosses it around and ends up towards James himself. He almost ended his life because of his fear of his friends finding out about his sexuality orientation. He had self-hatred whenever his friends think he is straight.

The desperate consequence of casual words.

Now since James Nutter almost killed himself, the cause of almost doing the most dangerous thing he could have done to anyone he knows will damage them so badly because he was suffering from those words which had been tossed around him for so long. Those words have been affecting him for a while; it affected his grade, his motivation for baseball in college; because he constantly fears for himself that his friends will abandon him because of his sexuality orientation.

Even though he has a very wonderful accepting family, those words may have done some damage to James himself but you don’t know how much it hurts when people or you say those words. Words like those are like punches into your heart and face. In some cases, dangerous thoughts of killing themselves or anything worse! WORDS HURTS even they aren’t meant to be offending or hurtful. So now I hope you do understand about those words as a bulling effect to many LGBT people out in the world, struggling to fight against those words and have a great life of their own that they always have dreamed of.

NFL Cleveland Brown’s Tank Carter, he made a very negative and inappropriate twitter tweet about the word “faggot”, even though it had a definition of twigs but it was used as an insult to many LGBT people in the older days. Just because a word has a meaning but no one really knows why it hurts the people that are LGBT themselves. Tank Carter have already apologized for saying that word across twitter as a tweet, but now I do hope people realize what those words can do to anyone. I notice that people may not like LGBT but WE ARE HUMANS! We are the same by our minds and behaviors which are the very common across the human race itself. People don’t have to do anything with us at all, and to be honest all humans want respect and understanding. Our business is our own; no one else needs to know what we do as an individual do on our own lives. But beware, words may hurt us, but it will find its way back to you and teach you a lesson that the word itself is hurtful or worse; a pushover the brink.

Tank Carder, Cleveland Browns Linebacker, Tweets ‘Faggot’ And ‘Doesn’t Agree’ With Being Gay

Rose Mason,
Inside/Out Youth Services Intern