Last year one of the youth’s most prized possessions, their pool table, was lost in the fire. We have been looking for months without luck.

We received a phone call from Mack, an Inside/Out youth and one of the most amazing individuals you’ll ever have the chance to meet, he had found a pool table for sale. He raised the funds by asking fellow youth and Inside/Out volunteers.

He mentioned he was a few dollars short from the asking price. On behalf of Inside/Out we told him we would match every dollar he raised, and he raised plenty more than he needed.

Thanks to him and those who contributed 500 young people are very happy! With the extra funds he said he would like to contribute them to go towards our Queer Prom event. We are so proud of Mack!

Also a very special thank you to those who contributed towards to the cost our youth Jay, Mack and his grandmother, Skyler, Stefanie and her mom, and one of Inside/Out’s amazing volunteer Terese. Thanks to super Inside/Out volunteers Gina and Tracey for helping transport and put it back together which was no small feat.

If you would like to know what items we are in need of check out our Wish List.

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